Watch The Video Below To See A Silage Defacer In Action.

A Silage Defacer Doing It's Job.

bunker shaver at work1

Can make Bunker Shaver fit Skid LoadersWheel loaders or Telehandlers.
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A few silage safety guidelines:

  • Never stand near the silage face.  When a silage avalanche occurs, the silage falls down and runs out away from the silage face.
  • Do not fill bunker silos higher, or create silage piles higher, than your unloading equipment can reach.  These are the situations that most typically create overhangs when removing silage.  Generally most unloading equipment can reach 12 to 14 feet above the silage floor.
  • Follow the “buddy” rule and never work in or near a bunker or pile alone.  Suffocation is a major concern in the event of a silage avalanche and the minutes saved in a rescue attempt because of the buddy rule could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Use proper removal or unloading techniques.  Never dig the bucket of a loader into the bottom of the silage.  Do not undercut the silage face.  Shave the silage from the top down on the silage face and maintain a smooth silage face.
  •  When collecting a silage sample for quality analysis, do not sample from the silage face.  Collect silage in a loader bucket and sample from that loader bucket after it has been moved a safe distance from the silage face.
  • Consider posting a warning sign: “Danger! Silage Face Might Collapse” around the perimeter of bunkers and piles.